12-10-11 – San Francisco, CA

12-10-11 – San Francisco, CA

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Generation: Master

Video Quality: EX-

Audio Quality: EX

Source Information: PC

Number of Discs: 1

Video Format: PAL

Filming Type: Audience

Menus: Yes

Chapters: Yes

Authored By Me? No

Video Summary:

The final night of the 30th anniversary shows in San Francisco. This night continued the week's theme of bringing guest stars on stage, but they saved the best for last. Not only did Ozzy and Geezer from Black Sabbath join Metallica for performances of some classic Sabbath tunes, but by the end of the night you had Dave Mustaine up on stage jamming with Hugh Tanner, Ron McGovney, Lloyd Grant and Jason Newsted! Unreal, what a night. Probably the best show I've ever been to. Anyway, the video quality on this is very good. Some of the songs feature different camera angles that are lower quality, and the entirety of Blackened is from the metontour.com video. I'm told that all the camera sources are ripped from the web (mostly YouTube). Still though, an awesome show to have.

Audio Summary:

Soundboard audio.


  • Orion
  • Through the Never
  • Ride the Lightning (cut)
  • The God That Failed
  • Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  • Rebel of Babylon
  • Blackened (w/ MetClubbers Dennis & Annette Diaz) - metontour camera angle
  • Dirty Window (w/ Bob Rock)
  • Frantic (w/ Bob Rock)
  • Sabbra Cadabra (w/ Geezer Butler)
  • Iron Man (w/ Ozzy Osbourne & Geezer Butler - cut)
  • Paranoid (w/ Ozzy Osbourne & Geezer Butler)
  • King Nothing (w/ Jason Newsted)
  • Whiplash (w/ Jason Newsted)
  • Motorbreath (w/ Hugh Tanner)
  • Phantom Lord (w/ Dave Mustaine)
  • Jump in the Fire (w/ Dave Mustaine)
  • Metal Militia (w/ Dave Mustaine)
  • Hit the Lights (w/ Lloyd Grant, Dave Mustaine, & Ron McGovney)
  • Seek & Destroy (w/ Jason Newsted, Dave Mustaine, Lloyd Grant, Ron McGovney, Hugh Tanner, Mark Osegueda, and the Soul Rebels)
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