05-03-03 – Universal City, CA (MTV Icon)

05-03-03 – Universal City, CA (MTV Icon)

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Generation: Master

Video Quality: EX-

Audio Quality: EX

Source Information: SA

Number of Discs: 1

Video Format: PAL

Filming Type: Pro

Menus: No

Chapters: No

Authored By Me? No

Video Summary:

This is a stand alone recorded version of MTV Icon. No chapters and just the typical stand alone menu. Also the video quality suffers a bit for some reason. The disc is labeled "European Icons" but it only has MTV Icon and the pro shot show from May 31, 2003 on it.  I need an upgrade.

Audio Summary:

Professional audio.


  • Sum 41 Medley
  • Metallica History Pt 1
  • Staind-Nothing Else Matters
  • Metallica History Pt 2
  • Avril Lavigne-Fuel
  • Snoop Dogg-Sad But True
  • Metallica History Pt 3
  • Korn-One
  • Metallica History Pt 4
  • Jim Breuer-Tribute To Metallica
  • Limp Bizkit-Sanitarium
  • Metallica History Pt 5
  • Metallica-Medley
  • Metallica-Frantic (Cut)
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