10-18-88 – Lillestrøm, Norway

10-18-88 – Lillestrøm, Norway

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Generation: Master

Video Quality: VG+

Audio Quality: VG+

Source Information: PC

Number of Discs: 1

Video Format: PAL

Filming Type: Audience

Menus: Yes

Chapters: Yes

Authored By Me? No

Video Summary:

This is the master version from Metallican/No Anger. Definitely a great looking show from the Justice tour! Too bad it's incomplete...

Audio Summary:

Audio on this one is nice and clean.


  • The Ecstasy Of Gold
  • Blackened
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls
  • Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Cut)
  • The Four Horsemen (Missing)
  • Harvester Of Sorrow
  • Eye Of The Beholder
  • Bass Solo
  • To Live Is To Die Jam (Cut)
  • Master Of Puppets
  • Damage, Inc.
  • One
  • Seek & Destroy (Cut)
  • ...And Justice For All (Cut)


  • 1984-11-17 Belgium (High Gen)
    Backstage Interview (7m 58s)
  • 1991.08.10 Copenhagen, Denmark “Pro Shot” (Master)
    One (49s)
    For Whom The Bell Tolls (4m 31s)
    Whiplash (3m 15s)
  • 1992-11-04 Birmingham, England (1st Gen)
    Justice Medley (8m 41s)
  • 1992-12-14 Oslo, Norway (Master)
    Creeping Death (7m 30s)


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