10-27-07 – Mountain View, CA (DiVX Sourced)

10-27-07 – Mountain View, CA (DiVX Sourced)

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Generation: Master

Video Quality: VG

Audio Quality: VG

Source Information: SA

Number of Discs: 1

Video Format: NTSC

Filming Type: Audience

Menus: No

Chapters: No

Authored By Me? No

Video Summary:

This is a 320 x 240 DiVX sourced version of Metallica at the Bridge Benefit show. It's a shame that the quality on this sucks, this is a really unique show that Metallica performed.

Audio Summary:

Audio is distorted.


  • I Just Want To Celebrate (Rare Earth Cover)
  • Please Dont Judas me (Nazareth Cover)
  • Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage Cover)
  • Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits Cover)
  • Disposable Heroes
  • All Within My Hands
  • Turn The Page
  • Nothing Else Matters
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