9-18-2010 – Sydney, Australia – 3 Cam Mix (Bobmetallicafreak)

9-18-2010 – Sydney, Australia – 3 Cam Mix (Bobmetallicafreak)

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Generation: Master

Video Quality: VG

Audio Quality: VG

Source Information: PC

Number of Discs: 1 DL BR

Video Format: PAL

Filming Type: Audience

Menus: Yes

Chapters: Yes

Authored By Me? No

Video Summary:

Three cam mix by Bob. There is one camera source that is world's better than the other two camera sources. Also one of the camera sources seems to have an aspect ratio problem. All in all though, a nice show. This show is on a dual layer Blu Ray disc (it's a whopping 44 GB!) so I can only trade it for either a couple of Blu Rays or another dual layer BR.

Audio Summary:

Surprisingly, only one audio source on this show. No soundboard at all, so I'm assuming Bob just used the best source of the three cameras.


  • The Ecstasy of Gold
  • That Was Just Your Life
  • The End Of The Line
  • Ride The Lightning
  • Fuel
  • Fade To Black
  • Broken, Beat & Scarred
  • The Four Horsemen
  • Sad But True
  • Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  • All Nightmare Long
  • One
  • Master Of Puppets
  • Fight Fire With Fire
  • Nothing Else Matters
  • Enter Sandman
  • Breadfan
  • Hit The Lights
  • Seek and Destroy
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